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msattentionspan: (buffy s7) (e. | check the flow)

I will undo the hurt 'til it feels like I'm the first.

I will unbreak you.

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Name:Faith Lehane

Sometimes nothing is
The better hand
And you throw it all for this
I understand

But I am stronger than you
And I am braver than you
And I will still be here
When the dust has cleared will you
Will you, will you, will you

And I will still be here
When the dust has cleared
And I will still be here
When the dust has cleared
Will you

You will never get close to me
You will never get close to me
This is who we are
This is who we are
You will never get close to me
Who we are...
You will never get close to me
Who we are...

After Sunnydale turned into a giant sink hole, Faith followed the group to Cleveland Ohio were most of them ended up parting ways. Faith stayed behind with Robin Wood, where she had hoped to maybe find something about herself, and maybe even see what 'suprise' he had in store for her. She found him two months later sleeping with one of the Slayer's she had been training, some surprise. Faith took off and headed to Chicago knowing that the city along with it's suburbs had ended up with a rather large portion of the Slayers. She has been in Chicago now for almost two years, working as independent security for most the construction firms in the down town area. Keeping their job sites and empty warehouses free of the undesirables keeps Faith employed, and she's been doing rather well for herself. Christmas of 2005 she met Linus Caldwell at a Christmas Party held by The Smiths. After a few phone calls, and a night surviving his friends the two of them started seeing each other, and despite each of their rather odd schedules seem to actually be happy.

[info]all_thisrunning // [info]behindthosebars // [info]landof_reprisal
[info]dontwant_youto // [info]gotdesigns_onme // [info]youwalk_infire

Faith OWNS the following people, period end statement.
Linus Caldwell
James "Sawyer" Ford
Ronon Dex
Hannibal King

I am not Eliza Dushku. I am not Faith Lehane. Faith is a fictional character based off of the television genius that was Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Joss Whedon thought her up I just like to play with her. I don't own any rights to this, and if I did I would be rich. We're talking tons of money. Instead I just write her, and silently pray that one day I'll be in a situation where I can say lines like she says them and actually pull them off.

[adult content is present here as well as referenced to : no underage allowed]
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Interests (38):

a short attention span, always getting good crossbows, amusing instant messenger screenames, angel's a good friend, beating linus at bowling, buffy summers only sometimes, catchphrases no one understands, clubbing 'til last call, dancing 'til it hurts, dating a thief, free long-distance call plans, giving people good nicknames, hannibal king's washboard abs, intimidation by flirtation, james "sawyer" ford's mine, kennedy bradford, lincoln burrows is hot, linus caldwell's mine, livin' in chicago, michael scofield's hot, never those malloy brothers, no more mangos, not actually dating, playing strip-poker for mangoes, random interests of mine, red leather halters, ronon dex being terse, slaying's not justa hobby, sorta being a girlfriend, sparring with the wondertwins, staying up all-night/morning, sunrise from the otherside, taking from xander harris, the seven ten split, tivo loves me, v.a.s.t. lyrics, watching lost with linus, winning: i never lose
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